Internships Abroad in Ireland: Ah, the Peat…

Internships Abroad in Ireland

Ireland is an incredibly popular tourist country and is even ranked among the happiest places in the world to live and work. Internships abroad in Ireland are the perfect solution for students who want to expose themselves to beautiful scenery and incredible culture.

Ireland is a great country in terms of economic growth, but it also has a rich cultural history, incredibly active nightlife, great Irish pubs, and a lot more to experience. Of all the industries in Ireland, the top industries to intern and work in are marketing/advertising, healthcare, and environmental.

This guide will cover the benefits and drawbacks of internships abroad in Ireland. We’ll also give you a good idea of the best places to find an internship within the country.

Pros and Cons of Internships Abroad in Ireland

Taking an internship abroad in Ireland is a great idea for students who want to experience a culture similar but different from the United States. However, it’s still important to note and understand the pros and cons that come with an internship in Ireland. As beautiful and breathtaking as the country may be, there are some things that may turn it off to others.


  • The work environment is relaxed. Unlike other countries within the European Union, internships abroad in Ireland have the benefit of the Irish work culture, which is generally more relaxed. In fact, you may find you’re on a first-name basis with your boss relatively quickly.
  • English is the most common language. Although Irish is the native language, English is the more commonly spoken tongue here. If you really want to, you can try learning the Irish language. However, you’ll likely find it isn’t necessary.
  • Interns have special working conditions. As an intern, you are protected against unhealthy working conditions. These conditions may include excessively long hours, not having adequate breaks, or being refused time off.
  • Living expenses are reasonable. Ireland is considered less expensive in terms of living expenses as compared to other countries within the European Union. This is great, especially if you’re internship is unpaid.


  • You need a specific visa to work. To intern in Ireland, you need a Short Term Employment Visa. To get this, you need to work with your employer to ensure you both submit all the correct documentation.
  • Positions may not pay much. Because the most common internships are in marketing/advertising, you’ll likely find they don’t pay much, if at all. Unless you score a medical internship, you’re likely going to only have access to credit-only internships.

Internships Abroad in Ireland

Slieve League, Ireland

If you’re set on taking an internship abroad in Ireland, you’ll have the best luck in either advertising/marketing, medical, or environmental sectors. For students who love the outdoors and plan to pursue a career in an environmental science-related field, an internship in the environmental sector is likely your best bet.

After all, Ireland is renowned for being nicknamed the “Emerald Isle.” It doesn’t get this nickname for no reason. The country of Ireland takes great pride in the natural green beauty of the country, and they also place major importance on preserving their natural areas.

Parting Thoughts

Internships abroad in Ireland are an excellent choice for those who love the outdoors, want to pursue a medical degree, or are pursuing a degree in advertising or marketing. Aside from the excellent opportunity for professional growth in these fields, students can also experience firsthand the natural beauty that Ireland has to offer.

No matter what type of internship you choose to pursue in Ireland, we hope this guide has been helpful for you.