What Are the Easiest College Majors?

By the time you’ve finished high school, everyone is expecting you to have it all figured out. But if you’re not sure what major you’re going to choose, their questions will probably make you feel uncomfortable.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, you might want to look up the easiest majors until you figure out what you want to do. Don’t think you’re just looking for an easy way out or feel ashamed about it. You’d be surprised to know how often students ask Google what the easiest college majors that pay well are. We were, and that’s why we are posting this article.

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Why Do People Want an Easy Major?

The better question may be, why wouldn’t they want an easy major? No one is looking forward to burning the midnight oil every single night during college. Everyone knows that the best parties ever happen during your student days.

However, when you choose a major you love, you are feeling more motivated to give up your free time, going out, or your hobbies. When you love what you study, you won’t mind if it takes more effort and focus.

But here’s why people prefer easy.

  •         Some students are not sure the major they picked is the right one for them. Therefore, they want to be done with it as fast as possible
  •         They are not confident enough, and they don’t believe they could manage a more difficult major
  •         They want to work while in college, so they need something that doesn’t require too much work
  •         They might have gone into college only to honor their parents’ wishes

The Top 10 Easiest College Majors

Here’s our list of the easiest college majors. See what you think...


Sociology studies the social aspects of human behavior. The research that sociologists conduct can include different social groups, from families to organizations. They can also include the mutual influence of a society and an individual. A major in the humanities field, this course is considered fairly easy as there is no hard science and the topics are relatable. 

English Language and Literature

How hard can it be to study a language you’ve been speaking your entire life? Some aspects of linguistics may be tedious, but studying English can open many doors for you in your future career. 


A communications major can help you develop and improve speaking and writing skills, and make you more analytical and attentive to details. Comm majors have more fun! At least that’s what we hear…. In any event, comm majors have a huge array of career options available to them post-graduation.

easy college majors


Contrary to popular opinion, history isn’t only about learning names of rulers, years when something happened, or who built what. It develops critical thinking and teaches you a lot about research and writing. It also helps you understand why something happened. If you’re a history buff, this major will be like spending four years devoted to your fave hobby.


Anthropology is a discipline that studies humans. It investigates our history and culture and how our society evolved. It looks at humans from both individual and social standpoints. Again, no hard science, interesting topic and considered fairly easy. It’s hard not to like this one. 

Health Care Management

If you take up healthcare management as your major, you are setting yourself up for a great career in a field that will always be there and will always be hiring. It is one of the easiest college majors with high pay. Win-win.


Here’s another major related to our culture - humanities. This discipline examines the ways we try to preserve the human experience. It includes literature, art, religious studies, philosophy, and more. Humanities in general are often considered “easy” because there is no mathematical content and the focus is on thinking, analysis and reasoning rather than one right answer. You may not find the best-paying job in this field, however, so go in with your eyes open.


Marketing is all about helping businesses communicate successfully with their target audiences, brand building, and creating campaigns that will promote products or services. It’s crucial for you to be an excellent strategist and to understand consumer behavior. Marketing is a blockbuster major for certain personalities. If you’re a great communicator, a people person and persuasive, check this one out.

Business Administration

A business administration major teaches you a lot of things, from finance management to accounting. You can also learn general management and marketing. You will also need to develop the soft skills necessary for business-related jobs. It’s not a terribly difficult major and offers tons of options after graduation.

Is it Hard to Get a Good Job With an Easy College Major?

The truth is, no degree can guarantee you’ll get a well-paid job. The job market has increased for some professions in health care or engineering, for example. However, not all the positions within these areas come with great pay.

Some of the mentioned majors open more doors than you would think. They are mostly interdisciplinary majors, so you can choose different pathways after you get a degree. For example, a degree in English or communications can prepare you for a wide variety of jobs. You could be a PR specialist, a translator, a teacher, a writer, a social media manager, a TV broadcaster, etc.

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What Easy Majors Pay Well?

According to Payscale, these are the best paid easy majors in the U.S. All figures are approximate.

  •         History –$62,000 per year
  •         Liberal Arts – $60,000 per year
  •         Communications – $60,000 per year
  •         Health Care – $60,000 per year
  •         Humanities – $59,000 per year
  •         Linguistics – $58,000 per year
  •         Psychology – $57,000 per year
  •         Sociology – $56,000 per year
  •         Anthropology – $55,000 per year
  •         English – $55,000 per year

Which “Easy” Majors Are Actually Harder Than People Think?

Each major has its benefits and its downsides – more and less difficult areas and lessons you need to learn. Some will tell you math is easy, or engineering is a piece of cake. That is pretty subjective and depends much on your personal preferences and skills.

Psychology has the reputation of an easy major, for example. But it takes a lot of time, dedication, and understanding to get a good grasp of this complex and often emotionally challenging major.

A health care major may not require a scalpel, but you need to have business management skills and broad knowledge of health care. Sometimes a subject will require more medicine than you bargained for. Also, you might need to learn a complicated business procedure or a new program in a few days.

It’s up to you to decide if a major is easy, but one thing is sure. If you love it, it won’t matter if it’s easy or not.

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