Passionate about something? Well, what if we told you you can get a degree in the same subject? What’s more, if typical majors do not resonate with you, you can always try your luck in unusual majors. And there is no shortage of unusual majors out there. 

Did you know that a business major is the most commonly pursued major in the United States? But what about the least common?

Check out our list of weird-but-cool majors. Let’s get started. 

Adventure Education College Major

We definitely didn’t know that you can major in adventure education and learn how to expose yourself to challenging adventures and walk on the path of self-discovery.  

Surprisingly enough, but this is happening in reality. All you need to do is enroll yourself in the related major at Plymouth State University in beautiful New Hampshire. 

You can pursue courses in Wildness Expedition, Canoe Paddling, and Rock Climbing.

How fun is that?

adventure education

Auctioneering College Major

If auctions have always interested you, how about pursuing a major in it? After all, who hasn’t tried to do their best impression of an auctioneer? “Ten, ten, who will give me ten, I’ve got ten, now twenty…”

No joke, but this is actually happening at Harrisburg Area Community College in Pennsylvania. 

The major covers all things related to auctioneering – from helping you learn the auctioneer’s chant to running an auction from start to finish. 

Okay, this is interesting!

auctioneering major

Bagpiping College Major

Well, we didn’t know that there is a major for this.

Flaunt your Scottish roots and become a bagpiper. All you need to do is head on straight to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. 

It is worth mentioning that the bagpiping major is not a recent addition but has been there for the past 75 years. Amazing, right?

p.s. you don’t even have to be Scottish for this major. 🙂

bagpiping major

Bakery Science College Major

Do you love baking? Here is a golden opportunity for you to pursue your passion.

You may have heard the phrase that cooking is an art but baking is a science. That is well-recognized by the Kansas State University which allows you to major in the subject. In fact, it is the only program in the country that offers a four-year degree in Bakery Science.

The course imparts knowledge on all aspects related to baking and prepares you for various positions in administrative, research, production, and executive positions in the industry. 

Sign up for this one and you’ll be doing much more than baking cupcakes. You will be studying subjects related to grain science, flour and dough testing, cereal science, and the like. 

baking science major

Comic Art College Major

Is your favorite pastime playing with pen and creating immaculate characters? Well, have you ever thought of pursuing a career in comic art

Contain your excitement – there is actually a major for it now. 

Where, you ask? None other than the prestigious Minneapolis College of Art and Design. The course trains the students and helps them gain command over color, line, and story. 

You will also be taught how to develop characters, and plot story that pulls readers in. 

On successful completion, you can expect to work as a cartoonist, author, or illustrator at comic studios. Sign me up!

comic art college major

Winemaking College Major

If your evenings are all about wine and you often wonder if you could pursue a career in the field, your prayers are answered! You can now major in one of the coolest-named programs ever, Viticulture and Enology, at Washington State University and learn the nuances of wine-grape growing and winemaking.

The course offers you in-depth insights on producing high-quality grapes and premium wines. 

Washington State University is one of several other colleges have similar programs.

Time to look for one?

winemaking college major

Egyptology College Major

Do you love rich Egyptian history? If so, this could be the major for you.  

Explore the rich history, culture, language, and science of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and their neighbors. Use the tools of epigraphy, archaeology and historical inquiry to discover the culture of the region and delve into the technical details. 

You can experience all this and much more at Brown University. Brown’s Egyptology program is one of the best-regarded in the field.

egyptology college major

Exercise and Movement Sciences College Major

Interested in fitness but don’t want to become a doctor? We might have a solution for you.

How about pursuing a major in exercise and movement sciences? The course of study helps you understand the science behind exercise and movement. It focuses on the importance of the right nutrition and movement and how this could impact one’s fitness. 

To enroll in one such course, check out the Exercise Science major at the University of Vermont. Your future career path is full of possibilities: the health and fitness industry, corporate wellness, research and many others.

exercise science college major

Floral Management College Major

Who doesn’t love flowers? We all do!

But what if we say that you can actually pursue your career in Floral Management?

Yes, Mississippi State University allows you to do just that. The entire program revolves around sourcing, purchasing, marketing, designing, distributing and selling floricultural products. 

The best part? Prospects are bright too. You can advance your career in freelance floral design, horticultural therapy, garden design and management, and the like.

Bonus points for being able to provide your mom with the best bouquet every Mother’s Day…

floral management college major

Nannying College Major

Who would have thought there was a major for nannying? You can actually consider a major in Nannying with Sullivan University. 

Curious as to what you will be taught? All aspects related to a nanny’s role are covered whether they be child development training, etiquette, and manners, infant care techniques, water safety training or first aid certifications. 

That said, the major is the right pick for you if you want to work as a childcare provider. 

nannying college major

Puppet Arts College Major

Puppets. They are so cute. 

What if we say that there is actually a major option for it? Yes, the University of Connecticut is offering just that. What is even more interesting is the area of study. You will be taught how to make a puppet, and manage them during shows. 

UConn’s puppet arts program is one of only three in the nation and the only one to offer a master’s degree as well.

You will also learn how to  master voice, diction and marionette performance. 

The course not only sounds cute but also provides you with equally bright career options in fields related to television and film puppetry, theatre performance and design, school and museum programs. If Jim Henson is your hero, check this one out.

puppet arts college major

Sexuality Studies College Major

Who thought that there could be a course related to sexuality as well?

There is and we could not be happier.

The Ohio State University program in women’s, gender and sexuality studies is extremely well-regarded. You can explore various related subjects like political, biological, and cultural issues related to sexuality, visual representation of LGBT subjects, and related psychological contexts. 

This major offers varied job prospects, including social services, health counseling, advocacy, and teaching. 

women's studies major

Wildlife College Major

As we continue to see the effects of climate change and development, a program in wildlife is very useful to combat the problem.

Humboldt State University is here to take the initiative. The university provides courses related to Wildlife where you will be taught how to preserve a species, enhance the wildlife habitat, handle wildlife problems, and consumptive use of wildlife. 

After pursuing the major, you can find a career as a wildlife biologist or even start your own private ecological consulting firm. We need you!

wildlife college major

Race Track Industry College Major

Offbeat enough, this course deserves your attention, especially if you are interested in horse racing. 

The University of Arizona allows you to pursue a major in race track industry. You can choose between a business track and equine management track. While the former is about learning race track management and regulation, the latter focuses on breeding animals, and studying racing. We’re off to the races!

race track industry major

Oceanography and Coastal Sciences College Major

Do oceans fascinate you? Do you want to explore the entire world that exists underwater?

Louisiana State University could help.

Offering various programs related to ecological and oceanographic processes, this is one course we have our eyes on.

Definitely not the weirdest course, but one of the most amazing courses on this list. Learn more about marine science, global environment cycle, hurricanes and typhoons, fisheries, and more. 

This is an awesome program if you want a career as a research scientist or study wetland soil and vegetation.  

oceanograohy college major

Astrobiology College Major

Is there life out there? What led to the origin of life on Earth?

Do questions like these interest you? Can you talk about topics like these endlessly?

If you answered yes, Astrobiology is a major option for you.

Available both at Penn State and the University of Washington, this major is all about exploring life outside the earth and investigating the factors which led to the early evolution of life on earth. 

astronomy major

Canadian Studies College Major

As you might guess, this major is solely related to Canada. Canada has much more to offer than hockey and Alex Trebek, after all. If Canadian history interests you and you are able to establish a connection with its culture and literature, this major might be the right fit for you. 

The State University of New York at Plattsburgh Canadian Studies program is a great option to  provide you with a deeper understanding of Canada. On successful completion, you might choose a career in teaching, international trade, tourism or economic development. 

Canadian Studies Major

What Will Your College Major Be?

Maybe you’ll be one of those many business majors.

Or a student of puppet arts.

Or an astrobiologist.

Or even an auctioneer.

Maybe you have absolutely no idea what you will major in at college.

That’s the beauty of the college experience! You may find yourself majoring in a subject that you never even knew existed.

Whatever major you pick (maybe even a double major!), we wish you the best of luck.