Alert! What to Do Immediately After High School Graduation

Hey wait? Didn’t she say this blog was to help reduce stress? What’s with the buzzwords in the title? Essential? Immediately? I’m already getting anxiety sweats wondering what it is we have to do….

First thing to do after high school graduation

Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. Your baby has graduated from high school! A whopping 3.6 million students are projected to graduate from U.S. high schools this spring. If your child is one of them--congratulations.

Getting your soon to be college freshman through 13 years of education is a great accomplishment. Good job, parents!

Now you have gotten yourself through the gradation and the ugly tears that go with it, you can take a little break.

sad after high school graduation
This is NOT what my ugly cry looks like.

Second thing to do after high school graduation

Prepare yourself for a big mental “shift.” I was so surprised at how quickly we moved from a 100% focus on high school graduation and all of its attendant activities: senior prom, senior day, graduation parties, graduation gifts, the actual day of graduation, immediately into high gear college prep mode.

I literally kept a banker’s box in my home office and collected the graduation memorabilia as it came in: cards, her cap and tassel, senior tributes, her actual diploma, etc.

And then, the day after graduation, it all changed. We moved into hard-core college prep mode. Like, immediately.

Here is where my (hopefully) helpful advice comes in. Don’t be like me. Don’t feel that on Graduation Day +1 you have to make significant progress on your college to do lists. You don’t. You have all summer.

And, as an added bonus, you have this awesome site to help you navigate.

Third thing to do after high school graduation

Enjoy your summer!  

While you’re enjoying this summer before college you will be gradually doing what needs to be done to prepare for your child for move-in day. Bookmark this page and visit often.

Why is this blog post so short?

According to all of the best blogger resources, this blog post is way too short word-count wise.

Your post is only how many words?
Your post is only how many words?

In fact, I know FOR SURE, all of my blogger analytics tools will be sending me red alerts on this one.

Not enough content!

Add more text!

I’m okay with that. Why?

Because you've got enough on your plate for today. Enjoy the moment with your high school grad.

See you right back here soon to get through the summer before college together.

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