Is That a College Major?

When it comes to deciding on a major for your college degree, there are many commonly asked questions about just what is available as a major. Many incoming freshmen may feel that you have to choose from certain industries, but this is certainly not the case. You can fulfill your dreams with a college degree thanks to expanding diversity in college major selections. Still, you may be asking yourself, is that a major?

In the 21st century, college majors have expanded to include a wide array of concentrations. Everything from dance, interior design, to video game design is now available as a major. Since a college degree shows proficiency, universities across the country have diversified their curriculums.  

If you are narrowing down your choices of college selections, and you are determined to find a degree in your passion, this guide is for you. We will explore answers to frequently asked questions about college majors, and some of the answers may surprise you. Read on to find out if your niche passion is offered as a college major. 

Is Dance a Major in College?

Getting a degree in dance has steadily been building in prominence in American universities since the 1970s. Dance has a long and detailed history as an art form and prospective students can expect to learn all aspects of dance history as well as an academic focus in choreography, kinesiology, theatre production, and all aspects of dance as it relates to other performing arts. 

As a dance major, there will also be several courses dedicated to techniques in multiple dance styles, including ballet, modern or contemporary dance, jazz, tap, and surveys and styles of dance techniques from other cultures worldwide. 

The admission process to major in dance will typically require some experience but this isn’t always the case. Some of the top colleges in the US offering a dance major include Julliard, Arizona State University, Bernard College, and many others

Majoring in dance is growing in popularity in schools and departments of art and fine arts across the nation. You do not have to only have prospects of becoming a successful dancer to find benefits in the degree. A dance degree can lead to careers in teaching, arts administration, and even choreography. 

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Is Radio DJ a College Major?

Becoming a radio DJ in terms of obtaining a degree to boost your credentials is varied. Certain colleges will offer associate degrees in radio broadcasting, but if you are looking for such a degree at the undergraduate level, aspiring radio DJs typically select one of three different majors. 

Bachelor’s degrees in communications, journalism, and even broadcasting are all designed to give aspiring radio DJ’s a complete grasp and proficiency in the skills needed to be a DJ. With a degree in communications, you will be taught how to work on radio-appropriate speech patterns and the ins and outs of running and maintaining a broadcast radio show with concentrations in consumer demands and interests based on your approach and covered material. 

For a broadcast journalism major, these areas will be covered more extensively than what would be covered in a communications major exclusively. 

Is Songwriting a Major in College?

Majoring in songwriting is a bit too streamlined to cover a 4-year academic layout, but there are some colleges and universities that have a bachelor’s degree in music with a concentration in songwriting. The Berklee College of Music has such a degree, and in addition to receiving a general education overview in music, there are specific required courses all leading to fulfilling the songwriting concentration. 

Songwriting is so much more than just lyrics, and choosing to receive a degree in songwriting can give you a well-rounded grasp of the dynamics in writing the accompanying music for lyrics. NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development has one of the most popular bachelor’s degree’s in the country tailored to songwriting. 

Is There a Comic Art Major in College?

Creating comic books or comic strips is an artistic field that combines specific illustrative drawing styles with storytelling. Comic book artists or comic book storytellers must have a grasp on the bold and experimental while also maintaining certain styles and practices that correspond to reading and purchasing dynamics, which is where a Comic Arts major becomes an attractive proposition for aspiring comic art creators. 

Since the storytelling components of comic arts are almost always heavily represented by illustrations, it may help to have some background in drawing or illustrating, but many colleges do not have this as a prerequisite. 

AICAD has a comprehensive list of higher education institutions that offer majors in the Comic Arts. Majoring in Comic Arts is a great way to grasp the skills needed to work in editorial cartoons or the more fantastical projects seen in comic books and graphic novels. 

Is Comedy a Major in College?

Indeed, there is essentially no need in getting a degree in comedy if you wish to become a comedian: you need to be funny and it needs to be sellable. But this is not the only career path that can be enhanced by choosing to major in comedy. 

This is because comedy is so much more than just stand-up, it is an ancient emotion and theme that has enriched the lives of people for millennia. Also, you may find that majoring in Comedic Arts can even enhance your comedic skills if you desire to become a stand-up comedian. Telling jokes and making light of a situation is only one thread within the comedic arts tapestry. 

There is the history of comedy and how its countless evolutions have inspired different kinds of humor over the centuries. Comedic writing, performance art, comedic acting, comedic songwriting, comedic improvisation, sketch comedy, dry humor, shock humor, wit, sardonic humor, satire, and various other strains of comedy are covered in a comedy major. 

Colleges and universities that offer comedy as a major will typically have the major listed as a bachelor of arts or fine arts in the comic arts.  A Comedic arts major can lead to a wide range of careers including, stand-up comedian (it can help sharpen your skills), comedy writing in virtually any setting, including editorial careers, teaching, as well as many positions both on stage and behind-the-scenes in performance art. 

You can find a list of colleges offering a major in comedic arts here

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Is Interior Design a College Major?

Majoring in interior design has become a fairly popular curriculum choice for undergraduates in recent years. A large reason for this is of course due to popularity in the career world, but also how the history of design and enrichment in visual arts education is already popular college majors and compose a large portion of what is necessary to succeed as an interior designer. 

This field is represented at the collegiate level in various ways. There are some colleges that will offer a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in interior design, whereas some colleges will include the field in an overall art or design-centric degree. The main detail to look out for when trying to find an appropriate major is to see if classes are based around design, art color and theory, and digital art that uses the CAD system

You will need to be proficient in these fields for modern interior design. 

Is Acting a Major in College?

Contrary to popular belief, acting is a profession that is far from easy. Acting is sometimes classified as both an art and a craft because the profession depends in equal parts on mastery of the techniques and an actor’s creativity. 

At the undergraduate level, a higher education proficiency in acting can be found in a drama degree, a theatre arts major, and even some majors that revolve around media studies. With this in mind, the most attractive major to consider to learn all the essentials of acting is choosing to major in drama. 

A drama major covers everything from the history of acting in both the West and East throughout the centuries, the main types of acting, technical aspects of acting such as dialect, positioning the body for the stage or screen, marks, queues, etc. Acting is all about transformation and assuming an identity and life not your own, a degree in drama can supply you with enough proficiency to begin and ace auditions. 

Is Fashion a College Major?

Majoring in fashion has been popular for a long time now, and you likely already know that fashion is miles away more than just interesting outfits. With fashion, you have to learn trends, aesthetic value in both artistry and consumerist categories, the relationship between identity and apparel, the list goes on. 

Thankfully, majoring in fashion design is a very wide choice across American colleges. There are well over 100 different colleges to choose from in the country. Choosing to major in fashion design is a real-deal, intense, and time-consuming college major. Loads of courses will require original creations as both assignments and as final exams, you have to be prepared for this and it helps to only choose this major if fashion is a major passion of yours. 

Is Art a College Major?

You may be wondering if you can major in art in college, and the answer to this is that you certainly can at nearly every university in the nation. Art is a broad term; there is art history, visual arts, art theory, and then all of the different concentrations that fall under the umbrella of art. 

This is why bachelor’s and master’s degrees fall heavily under arts or sciences because a wide majority of humanities and applied arts satisfy a bachelor of arts degree. Then there is the category of bachelor of fine arts, and this degree is typically aligned with the applied arts, or in other words, proficiency in an actual art form, be it illustration or even creative writing. 

If you want to be an artist and want to possess a degree in your field, you should pay close attention to your preferred field inside of a bachelor’s of fine arts category. But there are other considerations as well, for example, if you would like to manage or open an art gallery, you can major in either art history or a wider degree such as a bachelor of arts in visual arts. 

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Is Pre-Med a Major in College?

The term “pre-med” often confuses a lot of aspiring medical doctors. There is no officially recognized major known as this. You may hear college freshmen refer to themselves as pre-med, but the reality is that this is their primary goal as an undergrad, they are likely either majoring in biology or chemistry. 

Pre-med means that an undergraduate is taking and mastering certain courses that are likely required by many medical schools, which is what comes after you receive your bachelor’s degree. A good way to think of medical school is to consider it both as a graduate school and doctoral program all related to the field of medicine. 

Most medical schools will require certain courses at the undergraduate level, most related to anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and some mathematics courses as well to use a student’s scores in these courses as a barometer of how well they will do in medical school. 

Because of this standard, pre-med, as a bonafide undergrad major, is unnecessary, which means you can major in whatever you like granted you take certain courses and do well in them. With this in mind, most undergraduates seeking to become medical doctors will usually major in biology, chemistry, or some degree related to the biological sciences since medicine revolves around these concepts. 

Once a major is selected, advisors can help undergrads choose certain pre-med courses in conjunction with medical schools of interest to the student. 

Is Astronomy a Major in College? 

Astronomy is a field of science that excites the imagination and inspires awe when considering the vastness of our universe. At the undergraduate level, astronomy is another type of goal that may be offered as a whole or, separated into another category, such as physics. 

You can choose to focus on schools that offer a major in astronomy, physics (the most common), or even astrophysics, which is a more research-based degree and typically seen in graduate schools. 

Availability of the astronomy major can be spread out and variable, and this is because for decades now those seeking to become astronomers or even astrophysicists have typically chosen to major in physics at the undergraduate level. Physics studies the composition and known physical properties of our universe, whereas astronomy can be an all-encompassing niche field in physics that many pursue in graduate school. 

Refer to the above-cited list to find a college that offers an astronomy major. Just keep in mind that you can fulfill this dream by majoring in physics as well and then pursuing more concentrated fields in your post-undergraduate endeavors. 

Is Rocket Science a Major in College?

Rocket science is much more than a commonly used joke when referring to something hard, it’s a real and fascinating profession. But when referring to someone as a “rocket scientist,” the real name of their profession is an aerospace engineer

There is a bit of overlap in finding the true field concerned with rocket science; both aerospace engineering and astronautical engineering concern rocket science. Rocket science focuses on the study, research, and overall design of rocket-propelled spacecraft. 

Therefore, you will need to find a school to major in either of these two fields to possess the requisite education to become a rocket scientist. 

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Is Weather a College Major?

At the undergraduate level, finding a major that concerns weather can mean several different things. There is meteorology, atmospheric science, or just a more generalized degree such as Earth Science or Geology. 

For most people wanting to pursue studying the weather as a major, this is fully represented by majoring in meteorology. This field studies weather and climate for both understanding and accurate methods to predict weather and how climate conditions can affect the Earth. 

Most colleges will offer meteorology as a major or in some other category such as atmospheric science. Here is a list

Is Geometry a Major?

Geometry is a huge part of what comprises a well-informed foundation in applied mathematics. Majoring in geometry in and of itself is possible but the specific major is variable and spread out across different universities. 

There is also the possibility of majoring wholly in mathematics, which many seeking to receive higher education in geometry will typically do. 

If you want to downplay some of the other categories in regular and applied mathematics, and focus exclusively on geometry, you can find a list of available universities here that offer a bachelor of science degree in geometry. 

Is Calculus a College Major?

Like geometry, calculus is also a popular and broad field within mathematics all on its own. But unlike geometry, finding a college that offers a major in calculus is few and far between. Outside of some Ivy League schools, there are no real options available for those who love calculus to choose this mathematical field as a college major. 

Calculus deals with change and how variations and expansions in mathematical concepts can frequently evolve and change through unpredictable patterns. Perhaps because of the constants that are involved in the field, this limits the scope of the field to be studied over 4 years. 

Any mathematics degree will typically involve varied and essential courses in calculus. The best option for those wishing to find a university that offers a major in calculus is to consider universities that center around mathematics. 

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What College Major is for Video Game Design?

Video games have come a long way since the simplistic, 8-bit games that first saturated the market in the 1970s and 1980s. In the 21st century, video games are both a best-selling product and a true and viable art form, and universities across America have acknowledged this and responded to the rise of video games design accordingly. 

Designing a video game requires a strong proficiency in the dynamics of computer science. You need to be creative, yet you also have to know the ins and outs of the tool you are using to create your vision. This is one of the many reasons that majoring in video game design can help you get to where you need to be if you have artistic vision and creativity in abundance but perhaps lack the skills contained in computer science. 

Many universities will offer a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science with a concentration in video game design. Yet many universities will offer such varied choices for a major as digital art, interactive entertainment, or even a bachelor of arts in video game design that focuses more on the artistic side of the equation. 

A good way to think about this is to assess your overall skill proficiency with computer science. If you are great at coding and programming, then you can likely opt for a bachelor of arts in game design. If you need help with the computer science components of game design, go for a bachelor of science in computer science and choose a concentration in video game design. 

Here is a helpful list of collected universities for video game design. 

Is Coding a Major in College?

Computer coding can take on many different types of programs and techniques, but in terms of college majors, coding is mostly confined to an overall degree in computer programming. 

A distinct computer programming degree, apart from a more general computer science degree, will contain reams of courses all centered around coding. Computer programming majors will learn all about programming languages that correspond to a wide range of systems like Java and many others. The degree also teaches proficiency in debugging, customization, and testing of applications all centered on coding. 

You can find a computer programming major at many different colleges and universities. Although companies will hire applicants with certifications in coding, having a computer programming degree can accelerate your transition from entry-level to junior programmer much more quickly. 

Can You Major in Blockchain in College?

Getting a degree in cryptocurrency and blockchain is still in its infancy, but a few universities are creating viable majors for this field, but the most you can get at this point are blockchain courses inside of certain majors. In recent years, especially since the global economic downturn brought on by Covid-19, cryptocurrency has boomed in size and influence, although blockchain is still developing and remains somewhat mysterious. 

To take advantage of receiving as much education as you can in blockchain, you can consider majoring in computer science, accounting, or even majors like cybersecurity and information technology. 

But as it stands now, you should seek out universities that offer specific courses concerning cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Real estate agency
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Is Real Estate a College Major?

Real estate is a career field, sort of like coding, that doesn’t actually require a college degree to enter into. Unlike coding, a person doesn’t even need to take a certification course to officially become a realtor. All you need to do is successfully pass the real estate exam in your specific region. 

With that in mind, getting a college degree that aligns closely with real estate is a great way to broaden your knowledge of the field and stick out more to agencies and employers. 

The majors that align most closely to real estate include any majors concerning marketing and finance, as well as most business majors as well. 

Is Anatomy a Major in College?

Anatomy is also a major that can be found under many different names and fields. Some universities will offer a bachelor’s degree in biology that will include courses related to anatomy and physiology, or some other health-related bachelor’s degree as well. 

Studying anatomy as a single concept is typically offered in graduate school at the master’s level. Like many other degrees that are a specific field inside of a larger field, there is no bachelor of science in anatomy recognized at the undergraduate level. 

If you specifically want to study anatomy, your best bet would be to major in biology as an undergraduate and pursue an anatomy degree in graduate school where concentrations become more available as single degrees. 

Is Creative Writing a Major in College?

Creative writing is an educational field that many aspiring writers pursue to help hone their storytelling skills. There are so many complexities that can come with writing fiction or nonfiction as a career, and this degree can help to better equip you with both the process and how writing can be best understood and marketed if you wish to pursue it as your passion. 

Creative writing is typically offered as a bachelor of fine arts at many university art departments that offer the major. Even some of the trendiest and most prestigious art colleges in the country, like The New School, have a diverse and well-rounded major in creative writing. 

Even if you choose not to become an author with a creative writing degree, such a degree can open up opportunities in fields such as education, editing, and publishing. 

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Can You Major in Classic Literature in College?

Literature is such a diverse and wide-ranging field and classic literature is one of many fields within the field that attracts the most scholars. You can typically find this major classified in short form as “the Classics.” 

This means that the major will offer study in both classic literature and classic works of art and even philosophy from some of history’s most prominent thinkers and authors. This degree is prominently for those who wish to teach or conduct research around classic literature, but this major can also serve you well if you wish to become an attorney based on the detailed critical thinking and analysis skills you will develop around deep philosophical arguments. 

Can You Major in Social Media Marketing in College?

Social media in a span of fewer than 20 years has completely changed how people communicate and think about the world, society, and consumerist economics. Social media marketing is a field that handles the spread and reach of social media marketing campaigns to drive profits for various businesses through the massive reach of social media advertising. 

Colleges and universities are also noticing this and responding accordingly with social media marketing majors. There are numerous colleges around the country that offer a bachelor’s degree in social media marketing in both online and face-to-face offerings.  

Is Journalism a Major in College?

Like using the term “writer”, journalism and the work of a journalist is a broad word with many different meanings and focuses. This is what makes a journalism major a great option for aspiring journalists because this major looks at the field in its entirety and the many different genres and topics that journalists can cover. 

Essentially, a journalism major will teach you how to conduct research, how to discern authentic information from conjecture, how to conduct probing interviews with subjects, and best of all, how to write in engaging ways to get your point across to where it can become dynamic and provocative. 

Ultimately, it will be up to you to decide where you want to go as a journalist and the topics you would like to cover. But a journalism major can help you master the dynamics of the field for any avenue you aim your sights at. Here is a common list of schools offering journalism as a major. 

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Is Karate a College Major?

It may baffle many to know, but karate is a field and specialty that is represented at some colleges and universities. Karate specifically is a hard find, but if you are willing to minor in martial arts as a whole, there are some options out there. 

Unfortunately, a bachelor’s degree in martial arts is not currently represented in the US. The University of Bridgeport in Connecticut used to have a bachelor’s degree in this field, but unfortunately, it was discontinued. 

If you are truly passionate about learning about martial arts at the university level, Radford University in Virginia is currently offering a minor in martial arts. Apart from this, there are many universities in California that have martial arts represented in campus sports. 

Is ROTC a Major in College?

The ROTC (Reserved Officer’s Training Corps) is not just something that is offered to high school students, it is largely represented in many universities across the nation as well. In fact, over 1,700 universities in the US have ROTC. 

ROTC is not a major in college; it is a commitment to join a branch of the Armed Forces after you receive your degree. With this said, joining ROTC in college comes with certain benefits such as scholarships, covered tuition (typically 2 or 3 years of a 4-year degree), and specialized training that prepares a future cadet for the military and can accelerate ranking. 

Is Wildlife Conservation a College Major?

Wildlife conservation is another field of science that can be represented in larger fields in college, such as Environmental science or ecology or, depending on certain universities, as a degree all on its own. 

Wildlife science can fall into many different areas of study. There is surface-area wildlife and aquatic wildlife, for example. One of the most noteworthy wildlife science degrees in the nation can be found at Oregon State University where you can earn an on-campus or online Bachelor of Science degree in fisheries and Wildlife Sciences. 

Is Wedding Planning a College Major?

Becoming a wedding planner requires a lot of skill and the ability to effectively plan such events, oversee all aspects of the event through revenue, budgets, fashion, aesthetics, and entertainment, and of course, ensure that all of your work is meeting the expectations of the client. 

There is no major recognized or available specifically in wedding planning, however, majoring in something like hospitality management is a great way to master the skills with planning such popular and finely detailed events like a wedding. 

Here is a list of some popular universities that offer a Bachelor of Science degree in hospitality management. 

Can You Major in Klingon in College?

Star Trek is undoubtedly one of the most popular and close-knit fandoms in all of popular culture. The themes and storylines in the show and films have littered scholarly analysis and papers for decades now, therefore, something like the Klingon language, in particular, has a long history of representation in courses, linguistics, and pop culture university courses. 

Alas, there is no major for the Klingon language currently available. However, there are many courses and degrees you can take and choose in college that will allow you to research or even write capstone projects on a topic such as this. 

Also, you can always inquire with a college that offers an interdisciplinary degree and choose to build a degree as close as you can to the Klingon language. 


In summary, this is a list of some of the most popular and eclectic major topics at the university level. As you can see, many fields are contained inside of a larger degree, and if you have certain listings, it can be easy to find a university out there that offers a major in your passion.