Internships Abroad: What to Pack and How to Prepare

Packing for an internship abroad can be very stressful because most people have never lived outside the country before accepting an internship abroad. There are a lot of things that you need to pack before you go out on your internship. It would be best to consider what to pack for internships abroad.

Continue reading to learn about all the things you should pack and how you must prepare before you go out on your abroad internship. Preparing for your internship is the best way to reduce stress and enjoy your time outside the country.

What To pack for internships abroad

Prepare For Your Internship

Preparing for an internship abroad can be very stressful. The main thing you need to consider when preparing for an abroad internship is the country you’re going to and the customs there. Knowing what to pack for internships abroad is important.

It would help if you considered the following before going on an abroad internship. These situations can help you regardless of which country you decide to intern in.

  • Spend time with loved ones before you go. When you take an internship abroad, it will be challenging to communicate with your family. So before your internship, you should spend as much time as possible with the people you want to see. You can also set up communication plans while you’re abroad with the people you want to talk to in order to reduce the loneliness you might feel while you’re out of the country.
  • Learn about how people dress in that country. It can be unpleasant to show up to your country dressed entirely differently from everyone else. Researching how people dress in that country can be a great way to minimize your discomfort while you stay in the country for your internship. In addition, the Internet is an excellent resource for learning what to pack for internships abroad.
  • Study the language. While it is common for people on an abroad internship not to be fluent in the language of the country, they’re visiting, it is helpful to learn some of it. Even learning a few critical phrases during everyday interactions can help you when you’re visiting a new country for your internship. Even if your internship is okay with you speaking English, getting around the country can be difficult if you don’t know anything about the language.
  • Research your commute to work and the places you want to go. Figuring out your travel times from where you’re staying to where you’re interning can be hugely beneficial for feeling prepared during your internship. Learning the landmarks across your commute will also be helpful so that you don’t get lost while you’re out of the country. It would also be best to research the key for places you want to visit while you’re in the country.
  • Figure out popular areas in the country you want to visit. During your internship, you should also see this as a learning experience and a travel opportunity. You might not get to see the country you visit again, so you should learn about famous landmarks to make the most of your internship abroad. Neglecting to visit areas that aren’t interesting can make you have regrets when you return home from the country that you intern in
  • Research, the company that you’re interning for. Learning the dress code, the company culture, and job expectations before showing up for your internship can be very beneficial for making the most out of your time. Companies recognize interns that show up prepared for their internship and might even consider them for future job opportunities post-graduation. In addition, making a good impression on the company you visit can help you network globally before you graduate.
  • Communicate with people online who have gone on an abroad internship. Talking to people who have already gone on an internship abroad can help you feel more prepared for your internship. In addition, keeping in communication with these people is a great way to answer questions that arise from people who’ve already been in your shoes. Abroad internships can be very stressful, and keeping a network of people around who’ve already done it can help ease that stress.
  • Learn about polite ways to interact with people in the country where you’re interning in. Different countries have different customs, which means you might come off rude if you don’t learn some of those customs. When you’re visiting a new country, you don’t want to come off as disrespectful, and learning about different customs can help you stay polite on your visit. Even certain gestures that are okay in your country can be seen as very disrespectful in another country.
Pack for abroad

What to Bring to Your Internship

Learning what you need to bring to your abroad internship can be very stress-inducing. However, you’re going to be packing for a long trip, so you must stay prepared. The following are things that you need to pack for internships abroad.

  • Clothing: You will find your suitcase full of clothing when you pack for an abroad internship. There are three different types of categories that you need to consider when packing your clothes.
    • Weather-appropriate clothing: make sure you keep warm and cool clothes on you to accommodate different weather or experiences that occur during your abroad internship.
    • Casual clothing: keeping a few sets of casual outfits is essential to ensure you’re prepared for your abroad internship. In most places you go you’re going to need to wear casual clothes.
    • Formal clothing: there’s a strong probability that you’re going to need at least one set of formal clothing during your abroad internship. Whether going to a formal dinner or an event, it’s good to keep just one set of formal clothing on you when you take an internship abroad.

When packing clothing, it’s highly recommended to pack as light as you can so that you can have room for other essentials for your internship. Keep a set of clothing for hot weather, cold weather, casual wear, and one set of formal clothing for your internship. You can have a few more sets of casual clothes, but don’t overdo it.

  • Shoes: when you pack your shoes, it’s vital to understand that you can’t pack every single pair of shoes you have. You’re not going to have room for all your shoes during your internship. The following are the types of shoes that you should pack before you go on your internship abroad.
    • Formal shoes: when going on an abroad internship, it would be best to pack just one set of formal shoes for a lovely event. There is a strong probability that these issues will come in handy once or twice while you’re on an internship abroad. Most people want to make the most out of their trip when they travel abroad, and that is why you need to pack just one pair of formal shoes.
    • Casual shoes: Casual shoes like sneakers or flats are a great way to prepare for your abroad internship. These shoes will be what you wear the most, so you’ll want to match them with the majority of outfits you pack. Only pack one pair of casual shoes that you plan on wearing throughout your trip because shoes take a lot of space.
    • Hot weather: If you’re traveling abroad to a country that expects hot weather, you’ll need to pack a pair of sandals or another pair of lightweight shoes to accommodate that weather. However, not every country experiences hot weather during the duration of an abroad internship. So, it’s vital to check weather information prior to traveling.
    • Cold weather: If you’re traveling to a country that experiences cold weather, you’re going to need to pack shoes that can accommodate that situation. Boots or shoes with internal lining are fantastic to combat cold weather. However, only pack one pair of shoes for cold weather, because cold weather shoes are very bulky and you’re not going to have enough space for more than one pair.

The best way to make the most out of your packing essentials is to double-check the type of weather you can expect during your internship. Sure, there might be some days when the weather varies. However, if the weather is going to be summertime, you are most likely not going to need winter boots at all during your trip. What else to pack for internships abroad:

  • Electronics: when taking an internship abroad, you need to pack a few electronic essentials. The key things you’re going to need are your phone and your laptop. You’re not going to be able to fit your desktop and your suitcase into your internship. You also need to check with your mobile provider to make sure that you can make calls out of the country while on your abroad internship.
  • Hygiene products: hygiene products are very important during your travels, especially for the first few weeks. Depending on the duration of your abroad internship, you may need to stock up on hygiene products while you’re on your trip. However, it would be helpful to pack these items prior to your trip so that you’re at least covered while you adjust to the new area.
  • Important documentation: ensure that you have all of the ID documents that you need while you’re on your internship. Also, make sure you have any school supplies that you need during your internship. However, the most important documentation you need before you leave for your internship is your identification documents. This can include passports, ID cards, Social Security cards, etc.
  • Luggage set: Before you head out on your abroad internship, you need to get a decent luggage set. You will want to ensure that your luggage set stands out from others so that it doesn’t get lost at the airport. Losing your luggage during international travels can be extremely stressful and can leave you feeling unprepared for your abroad internship.

All of these items will keep you feeling prepared during you’re abroad internship. This list is very helpful when packing items so that you don’t forget any of the essentials. Forgetting essential items can make you feel lost and insecure while you’re on your internship.

Final Thoughts on Packing and Preparing for Your Abroad Internship

What to pack for internships abroad? Packing all of your essentials and preparing for your abroad internship is the best way to keep you feeling safe and secure during your travels. However, when you neglect to pack all of the essential items you need, you can rent into a lot of trouble internationally. Everything in this article can help you feel prepared for your international travels when taking an internship abroad.