Biochemistry Internships Abroad: The Perfect Solution

Biochemistry Internships Abroad

A degree in biochemistry opens you up to a plethora of options in the medical field upon graduation. However, what is a biochemistry major supposed to do while they’re still at university? Thankfully, there are plenty of biochemistry internships abroad to help beef up your resume.

Internships in the biochemistry field can look like a few different things. For example, you may spend your internship in a research lab or spend it outside of the lab analyzing the data others have compiled together. Regardless of your responsibilities as a biochemistry intern, you can reap so many benefits from choosing to pursue a biochemistry internship abroad.

This guide will cover the pros and cons of biochemistry internships outside of the United States. We’ll also give you a brief overview of some of the best countries for biochemistry internships.

Pros and Cons of Biochemistry Internships Abroad

Students who aspire to change the way we research and develop new medicines can benefit from a biochemistry internship. Taking those aspirations abroad and utilizing international internships to act on them also helps give biochem students a leg up on the competition. With that said, there are pros and cons to be discussed when it comes to biochemistry internships abroad.


  • This career won’t go out of style. You can rest assured there will always be ample opportunities for biochemistry students as the world is constantly evolving, and medicine fights to evolve alongside it.
  • It’s a versatile profession. Biochemistry can be used directly in the medical field or indirectly in teaching professions. Beyond that, it can also be adapted for various other career fields.
  • These internships can be incredibly rewarding. In medicine, the best way to learn is to research and see it happen in front of you. For that reason, a hands-on internship is the best way to truly learn the skills you need in the field.
  • These internships usually pay. You can usually count on financial compensation when it comes to internships anywhere in the medical field. The work is usually very strenuous and challenging, which makes most companies feel inclined to financially compensate their interns.


  • The work is strenuous. Any job or internship in the medical field takes a lot of hard work and long work days. Because of that, you may not have a lot of downtime to enjoy yourself.
  • They’re more difficult to get accepted. Just like with engineering, medical internships in any field are also extremely competitive. For that reason, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of things that help you stand out from other applicants.

Where to get a Biochemistry Internship Abroad

Although you can find a good biochemistry internship in just about any country of your choosing, some are better choices than others. When it comes to this type of research, Japan is currently the world leader. Japan earned this status through its plentiful state-of-the-art research labs. Not only that, but Japan is also home to some of the world’s most renowned biochemical researchers.

With that said, you’ll likely receive the same benefits from a biochemistry internship anywhere in Asia, especially in Singapore or China. If you’d prefer to travel to Europe, you’ll have the best luck in Germany, France, England, or Turkey.

Parting Thoughts

Biochemistry Internships Abroad

Any student who has dreams of changing the world through medicine and biochemical research, an internship in biochemistry is right up their alley. To put a cherry on top, taking a biochemical internship in an Asian country could really set you apart from other applicants once you graduate and start looking for job placements.

Wherever you choose to take an internship, we hope this guide has helped you along the way.