How To Find a College That Offers Your Major

Colleges and universities across the country are designed to meet the interests of a wide range of majors. Sometimes this can be easy if you want to study broad categories or quintessential college majors, but other times this can be a difficult search. It also doesn’t hurt to compare a major at shortlisted colleges to narrow down which university offers the better curriculum. With all of this in mind, how do you find a college that offers your major?

To find a college that offers your major, first, do an in-depth online search for universities that offer the major. If your major is specific and niche, you may only have a few choices to choose from. If your major is popular, research the school’s reviews for the major and compare your choices. 

Finding the right college for your major can be frustrating. In this article, we will take a look at a wide range of majors both popular and obscure, and find colleges that offer the major. For more popular majors, we will explore some of the best colleges to consider for this major. Read on to find the right college for you corresponding to your major. 

What Are the Best Colleges for History Majors?

A history major is one of the most common choices when looking at a university’s humanities or liberal arts major selections. A well-rounded and exemplary undergraduate history degree will include samplings and historical surveys of all the major regions of the world throughout human history. 

Additionally, mastering the concepts of historiography, the research process, Chicago style writing citations, and how to conduct research for an original thesis topic should all be offered in a stellar history major. 

Obviously, all of the schools within the Ivy League offer the best history majors, but focusing here causes so many other options to become overlooked. 

The University of Chicago awards numerous grants to top-tier students wishing to major in history and the University of Pennsylvania’s history department is one of the most renowned in the nation. 

Fun Fact: Majoring in history is surprisingly a popular choice for aspiring attorneys-at-law. 

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What Colleges Have Social Work Majors?

Becoming a social worker is a great way to help the troubled and disadvantaged within a community. Social workers have a more relatable and open relationship with their clients than the often probing atmosphere that exists between a psychologist and a patient. 

Social Work is also a popular major in numerous universities. But a Social Work major is only as good as the detail and passion a college department puts into it. 

Some of the best colleges with a Social Work major are the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Washington University in St. Louis, and the University of Texas at Austin

Fun fact: Social workers focus more on helping a person live their best life and overcome a wide range of social, economic, and personal roadblocks. This differs greatly from psychologists who prefer to focus on mental health issues exclusively. 

What Colleges Have Sports Medicine as a Major?

The risk of serious and debilitating injuries is part of an athlete’s everyday life. This is why a field like sports medicine is so important since this field focuses specifically on sports-related injuries and prevention. 

A degree in sports medicine can lead to a range of fulfilling careers including sports medicine physiologist, orthopedic nursing, physiatry, and physical therapy. 

Some of the best colleges that offer sports medicine as a major include the University of Southern California, the University of Virginia, and the University of Pittsburgh

Fun Fact: Sports medicine majors do not only work with those who are injured, this field is also heavily research-based in the fields of sports, exercise, and how the body adapts and evolves to increase tolerance based on the intensity of sports. 

What Colleges Offer Nursing Majors?

Attaining a bachelor’s degree in nursing can not only increase the positions you can qualify for in the field of nursing, but it can also lead to graduate school for those who wish to become nurse practitioners. 

Thankfully, majoring in nursing is widespread and there are numerous universities in each state to choose from. If you want to open up your options and apply for some of the best colleges in the country offering this major, take a look at this list

Fun fact: You can become a Registered Nurse with only an associate’s degree, but attaining a bachelor’s degree in nursing can lead to better outcomes with your patients, potentially earn you a higher salary, and open up more viable positions for promotion. 

What Colleges Have Cosmetology as a Major?

Majoring in cosmetology is not offered at the undergraduate level, but it would be hard to find a community college that does not offer this major as an associate’s degree. 

Because cosmetology is so popular and the workforce within the field is highly competitive, it is a good idea to choose a highly-rated program when pursuing this degree. 

Aim high and consider going through the application process at schools like The Sassoon Academy, The Aveda Institute, or Empire Beauty School

All of these choices are renowned for their innovative and rigorous cosmetology programs. 

Fun fact: There are many specialties within cosmetology to focus on. You can choose to hone your skills as an esthetician that focuses on skin health and beauty, hair styling, or the many sub-specialties in a makeup artist concentration. 

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What Colleges Are Good for Business Majors?

Majoring in business is a broad field, but a general business degree should set you up well for future careers in either business management or running a business. 

If you want to take the economic world by storm, you could consider honing your skills in some of the top-tier business schools in the nation. You can always try for the Ivy League, but take a look at this list that ranks some of the best choices out there for majoring in business.

Fun fact: The business major is actually one of the most popular degrees at the undergraduate level in the United States. This is a trend that began after World War II when consumerism took the country by storm and reached hugely popular levels during the glitzy and corporate-friendly 1980s.  

What Colleges Have Graphic Design Majors?

Graphic design is a highly competitive field because it is such a popular major for those who are artistic and creative in a technical setting. 

This is large because graphic design continues to be an in-demand career field as well as a competitive one. Even as print publications recede, digital outlets are rising up to take their place — all requiring leading-edge design skills to capture new viewers and stand out from the crowd. 

Therefore, having a degree in Graphic Design from a renowned school and program can help to reduce some of this overcrowded competition. If you want to apply for the best schools for graphic design, consider the colleges on this list

Fun fact: Some of the most successful and happy graphic designers are either freelancers or are those who have set up and run their own businesses. 

What Colleges Have Majors in Photography?

Photography has long been one of the most celebrated art forms of the modern era. Anybody can take a picture, but only an artist with skill can call themselves a true photographer. Even if you meet these criteria, earning a BFA in photography can help you fill in some gaps you may not know about the field and even help you rise above the competition. 

A photography major is best realized at a college that puts passion and commitment into the field. There are numerous schools to choose from on this list. 

Fun fact: If you are looking to earn a photography degree online, Southern New Hampshire University (non-profit, regionally accredited) offers a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Digital Photography 100% online. 

What Colleges Have Sports Management Majors?

Sports management is an essential field in sports that deals with economics, team dynamics, and the business side of sports in general. 

One of the best schools to consider for majoring in sports management is Wilmington College. But there are many universities to choose from. 

Keep in mind: Majoring in sports management can give you the skills and foundation to become everything from a sport’s analyst to an executive in sports marketing. 

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What College Have Nutrition Dietician Majors?

The science behind what we eat and how this affects our bodies and overall health is crucially important to each and every person’s life. If you wish to become a nutritionist or dietician, there are options out there when picking a good program from a solid university. 

Here is a list of colleges that offer nutrition as an undergraduate major. Earning a degree in nutrition can qualify you to become a dietician or a nutritionist or vice versa even though both professions are different. 

Fun fact: The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job opportunities for nutritionists and dieticians are expected to increase by as much as 20% by 2030. 

What Colleges Offer Athletic Training Majors?

Athletic training is similar to sports medicine in terms of the essential fields that are covered. By majoring in athletic training, you will study everything from kinesiology, human anatomy, physiology, as well as exercise science. 

Some of the best colleges to consider for an athletic training major include the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the University of Oregon, and the University of Florida. All of these colleges also offer a graduate, master’s program in athletic training as well. 

Fun fact: Athletic trainers and personal trainers commonly are confused but both are entirely different career fields. Athletic training is a degree-level profession whereas personal trainers typically focus on bodybuilding or weight loss routines for clients. 

What Colleges Have Animal Science Majors?

Animal science can also be associated with zoology and even veterinary science, and this is one of the most intriguing and fulfilling hidden gems when it comes to college majors. 

Majoring in animal science will allow you to pursue a degree that provides a comprehensive foundation in animal biology, behavior, and variety. You can go on to do anything from working as a conservation officer, working as a naturalist, a veterinarian, or even a zookeeper. 

Here is a comprehensive list of colleges that offer an animal science major. 

Fun fact: Most of the senior staff and scientists that work at zoos or even animal enclosures at theme parks or biological parks have undergraduate degrees in animal science. 

What Colleges Have Fashion Design Majors?

Majoring in fashion has been popular for a long time now, and you likely already know that fashion is miles away more than just interesting outfits. With fashion, you have to learn trends, aesthetic value in both artistry and consumerist categories, the relationship between identity and apparel, the list goes on. 

Thankfully, majoring in fashion design is a very wide choice across American colleges. There are well over 100 different colleges to choose from in the country. 

Fun fact: Choosing to major in fashion design is a real-deal, intense, and time-consuming college major, but it is also one of the most fun and rewarding degrees. Loads of courses will require original creations as both assignments and as final exams, you have to be prepared for this and it helps to only choose this major if fashion is a major passion of yours. 

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What Colleges Have Real Estate Majors?

Real estate is a career field, sort of like coding, that doesn’t actually require a college degree to enter into. Unlike coding, a person doesn’t even need to take a certification course to officially become a realtor. All you need to do is successfully pass the real estate exam in your specific region. 

With that in mind, getting a college degree that aligns closely with real estate is a great way to broaden your knowledge of the field and stick out more to agencies and employers. Finding a solid and comprehensive real estate major is essential, and it may help to consider schools on this list. 

Keep this in mind: The majors that align most closely to real estate include any majors concerning marketing and finance, as well as most business majors as well. 

What Colleges Offer Public Relations Major?

Most people who work in public relations have undergraduate degrees in communication. But if this is truly the field you want to excel in, you have the option of majoring in public relations outright. 

Since the overlap with a communication major is frequent, consider the schools on this list that list colleges offering public relations majors solely. 

Fun fact: Even though most would think that jobs in public relations are plentiful on the West Coast near Hollywood, it is actually the East Coast that has the most available opportunities for those seeking to work in PR. 

What Colleges Have Acting Majors?

At the undergraduate level, a higher education proficiency in acting can be found in a drama degree, a theatre arts major, and even some majors that revolve around media studies. With this in mind, the most attractive major to consider to learn all the essentials of acting is choosing to major in drama. 

If you want to find top-tier colleges offering an acting major, take a look at this list

Keep this in mind: A drama major covers everything from the history of acting in both the West and East throughout the centuries, the main types of acting, technical aspects of acting such as dialect, positioning the body for the stage or screen, marks, queues, etc. Acting is all about transformation and assuming an identity and life not your own, a degree in drama can supply you with enough proficiency to begin and ace auditions. 

What Colleges Offer Artificial Intelligence Majors?

Artificial Intelligence is a reality as the 21st century progresses. Human and computer interaction, robotics, and engineering of AI are all accelerating as technology continues to grown and evolve. 

Majoring in artificial intelligence is a highly technical degree and it certainly helps to have an active and vivid imagination to think big and create systems of intelligent design in order to succeed with this major. 

If you are looking to earn a degree in artificial intelligence, consider choosing one of these highly-rated colleges. If you want to apply for one of the best AI programs in the world, consider applying at MIT

Fun fact: As recently as the early 1980s, artificial intelligence was largely considered to be science fiction or fantasy by most of the population. Apart from these notions, AI soon became a reality once it was discovered how the technology could start to reduce human workloads and the dangers that come with some tasks and jobs. 


As you can see, there are several colleges that offer majors both popular or obscure. Your passion can definitely become your future and all it takes is finding the best college to experience your major.