Best College Majors For Different Types of Learners and Personality Types

When it comes to college, many people apply knowing full well what they want to major in. But this isn’t as easy of a process for many prospective students. If you are undecided on your major, a great way to narrow down your choices is to consider the best majors for your personality type, learning style, and even your zodiac sign. With that in mind, what are some of the best majors for different types of learners and personality types?

Are you wondering what to major in based on your personality or learning style? This detailed and fun guide will tell you everything you need to know about the perfect college majors based on your personality. Additionally, we will also take a look at each zodiac sign to discover what majors would interest you based on the dynamics of your astrological profile. Read on to find out more. 

Best College Majors For Introverts

Introverts are typically more creative and introspective than extroverts. This is not a slight against extroverts but it can be said that introverted people enjoy more cerebral and mentally stimulating pursuits compared to being highly social and outgoing. 

When it comes to college majors, introverts should choose to specialize in fields that translate to quieter and more independent-oriented career fields. This can range from complex technical fields like computer science and software engineering to more creative technical fields such as graphic design or video game design. Any of these fields have a strong and well-positioned freelance market that will allow you to work on your own and even inside of your home. 

If you are a slightly social introvert, something like library science would be a good choice since becoming a librarian would allow you to fulfill your passion in a quiet and contemplative atmosphere. 

Even something like veterinary science would allow you to have a career where you help animals for a living while having a more passive and less prioritized workday involving other people. 

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Best College Majors For Extroverts

On the flip side, extroverts are outgoing, highly social, visual, and usually have a magnetic personality and demeanor. 

College majors for extroverts should identify strongly with these traits, and some of the most common majors are anything sports-related, political science, drama or theatre, communications, business, and even education. 

Majoring in education overlaps slightly with introverts, but educators are by the nature of their profession, social and forceful positions that involve large numbers of eyes and ears looking and listening to you each day. 

Both extroverts and introverts have dynamic personalities, but the extrovert enjoys the social dynamic to a much higher degree. If you are an extrovert, make sure you choose to major in something that makes you a focal point all the time in the workforce. 

Best College Majors For Gamers

Starting way back in the 1970s, video games have taken the entertainment industry by storm and have remained popular during every stage of their evolution. 

When it comes to college majors for gamers, there are some obvious choices as well as some additional choices that you may not be aware of. 

Majoring in video game design and development is the go-to major choice for gamers. But if you are not already highly tech-savvy, a good option would be to major in general computer science first and then pursue video game design and development at the master’s level. 

You could also major in computer science and minor in video game design. Additionally, majoring in computer animation, software engineering, or even majoring in visual arts all can give you a good foundation for the essentials of game design as an art form in addition to the technical aspects of the field. You could also choose one of these if you are just a gamer and enjoy gaming with no interest in video game design. 

Best College Majors For Hands-on Learners

Professions that revolve around hands-on activities and workspaces are more represented at the collegiate level than you may think. 

Hands-on learners do not just mean learners that like manual skills, it is also a state of mind that translates to professions or spheres of knowledge that involve touching and using the brain through the hands. 

There are many majors for hands-on learners. Any engineering degree certainly fits this category, in addition to nearly all fields within the sciences including biology, chemistry, wildlife sciences, and marine biology. 

Anthropology is a great choice if you want to become an archaeologist, and you could consider a forestry major if you want to have a profession that is based almost entirely outdoors. 

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Best College Majors For Visual Learners

Visual learners do best when information systems and knowledge are presented to them in visual methodologies as opposed to oral or experiential means. 

There are numerous college majors that heavily revolve around the visual learning style. Visual learners typically also do well in career fields that utilize a lot of visual thinking, and arts degrees like photography or filmmaking are two of the most popular major choices for visual learners that use a lot of creativity. 

Additionally, majoring in a field like graphic design allows a visual learner to combine visual precision and creativity in digital design elements. Air traffic management is also a great major choice for visual learners since an air traffic controller is mostly a 100% visual and spatial reasoning carrier that allows the visual learner to use their brain to predict visual patterns. 

Best College Majors For Critical Thinking

Learners that use a lot of critical thinking are best-suited for college majors that allow critical thinking learners to use logical reasoning and compare/contrast to a large extent. 

Philosophy and history are two of the most popular critical thinking degrees. English is also a good choice for critical thinkers since it allows you to analyze and interpret the work of literary artists. 

Furthermore, critical thinkers have been known to excel at accounting, data science, and data analytics, criminal justice, and law, as well as multiple types of engineering degrees. 

Any field that prioritizes creative thinking and ingenuity will suit a critical thinker well. 

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Best College Majors For Creatives

Creativity is a very broad term because there are so many different ways in which a human being can be creative. Rather a creative person is writing a novel that goes on to receive widespread critical and commercial acclaim or a person creates a device or software system that will change the dynamics within their field, creativity is a varied concept. 

If you are artistically creative in the visual sense, then any art degree, photography, film, or even graphic design major is a great choice for you. Literary creativity is best represented by a creative writing major, English literature, even subjects like history and philosophy will allow you to use your creative analysis skills to think about human history or philosophical thought and relate your own understandings of the past. 

Technical creativity can be found in any major revolving around computer science or information technology. If you like animating or designing video games, be sure to choose one of those degrees. 

But a major problem for creatives is that they may not be sure what suits their creativity best. For example, let’s say that you have a passion for cinema as an art form, but you may not have any inclination to actually be a filmmaker. You may picture yourself teaching film theory, writing for movie publications, critiquing films, archiving film, analyzing film at the scholarly level; all of these goals align with film studies as opposed to filmmaking. 

The same can be true for any specific art-based passion that looks at the art form from a level of interpretation, analysis, and scholarly applications. You may want to teach the history of an art form and not necessarily receive a degree in the actual art form. All of these fragmented details can cause confusion for college freshmen. 

One way to reconcile all of this confusion is to focus solely on the different majors offered inside the school of humanities or liberal arts. With each major offered, find the one that closely aligns with what it is you want to do within the field and that also satisfies your creative impulses. Contact the chair of the department for further assistance or see if there is a way to major in an interdisciplinary sampling of fields that aligns with your creative passions. 

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Best College Majors For Working Adults

Maintaining a full-time job and attending college can be incredibly hard and frustrating. Even if you are attending college online, the workload can still be very intimidating. 

In cases like this, it generally helps to major in something that is broad and not too technical, and education is a great major to choose if you work full-time. If you want to teach elementary, middle, or high school, those fields are clear-cut. You can major in either elementary or secondary education and choose the field you wish to specialize in as your minor, for example, English, history, mathematics, etc. 

If you wish to work with students with learning disabilities, many education degrees also offer this as a specialty. 

If you want to become a college professor, it is important to know exactly what you want to teach. With that in mind, major in that study as an undergrad and then in graduate school to receive a master’s degree in the same field or a similar field. Then you will need to apply for doctoral programs to receive a Ph.D. 

You could also choose to receive a master’s degree in a field that is offered as a community college course or even become an adjunct in that field at universities. To receive teaching experience, always check and see if your college offers any sort of teaching assistant programs to gain this experience the easy way. Be sure and major in the subject you wish to teach before getting to graduate school. 

Best of all, the field of education is one of the most remote-friendly major choices and allows those already in the career world to learn leadership and skill mastery to transfer their experience into educators. 

Best College Majors For Older Adults

If you are retired from the workforce or, if you never attended college in your youth, there are some important major choices to keep in mind based on your circumstances. 

If you are retired and want to learn more about a new subject or career field, you can choose to major in anything you like, but many people typically like to major in a more introspective or artistic degree such as history, philosophy, English literature, or art. 

All of these fields could lead to teaching positions if this is something you can see yourself doing in your older stage. Additionally, library science can lead to a career as a librarian or a library science assistant which is a more introspective and peaceful career option. 

If you wish to acquire contemporary skills to become viable in the current workforce, it is best to choose to major in business administration or computer science. Both major choices can prepare you for some aspects of the current workforce that you may not be familiar with. 

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Best College Majors For Veterans

If you are a military veteran, you have many options to choose from for a college major that can tap into some of the essential skills you gained in the military. 

First and foremost, teaching is a noble profession and an essential profession that many veterans find to be rewarding since it allows them to utilize the leadership skills they learned in the military to lead a classroom where each student works to attain the knowledge that you pass on to them. 

You could major in military science and then choose to get a teaching license or you could major in education and minor in military science. 

Also, the modern workforce is leaning more and more towards technology to implement procedures and practices that help businesses and corporations maximize their profits. 

Choosing to major in computer science, information technology, or cybersecurity offers great ways to use some of the technical experience you gained in the military in fields that are changing the very fabric of the modern workforce as we know it. 

Majoring in healthcare or business are also great options if you wish to use some of the skills you learned in the military. 

Best College Majors For ADHD Students

Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that affects millions of people. Characteristics of the disorder include increased hyperactivity and difficulty focusing on tasks at hand. 

Due to the extremes between energy, increased focus, and loss of focus, it can be hard for those with ADHD to accurately pick a reasonable college major. 

You may want to consider majoring in any subject for which you have a passion for and you can therefore balance the fluctuations between energy and concentration. Some good choices to consider include any sports-related major, energetic fields such as nursing, or even something that you can take your compassion for others and focus that towards helping others such as psychology or social work. 

Best College Majors For Dyslexics

Dyslexia can be a debilitating disorder for students, but the good news is that there are many different career paths that a person with dyslexia can take and excel in. 

Choosing to major in the arts is a great choice for dyslexics since the main concepts and themes revolve largely around creativity and the inner workings of the imagination. Visual arts such as photography and filmmaking are great choices to consider. 

You could also choose to major in education and even consider specializing in special education to help others who are afflicted with learning disabilities beyond their control. Furthermore, majoring in communication is a great choice since it explores all avenues of communication and prepares students for the workforce revolving around this field. 

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Best College Majors For Autistic Students

Autism can be a debilitating disorder, but it can also allow students with autism to explore the fields or concepts that closely align with their passion or their skill set. 

For example, there is a strong link between autism and visually-oriented patterns and even fields, which opens up numerous possibilities in relation to the visual arts or even medical fields revolving around optics. 

In the visual arts, you could choose to major in graphic design, animation, architecture, or any field within the arts that relies almost solely on visual technique to create passion projects. 

Computer science and information technology, specifically in terms of coding or programming are also great choices for a college major. These fields are largely behind-the-scenes types of positions and allow for intense and methodical work and creativity without having to pay much attention to more people-facing types of requirements. 

Additionally, majoring in a field that prioritizes the research process is also a great idea. Majors such as history or any science-based major focus more on logical reasoning and maintaining an objective, non-biased outlook on the research evidence being presented. 

Any major that revolves highly around mathematics is also a great option since math is more of a factual and methodical field than any of the more analytical and interpretative majors. 

Best College Majors For Asperger’s

Like autism, Asperger’s syndrome can be debilitating when taking into account the highly social workforce that exists in this country. But the good news is that there are several career paths available for those with this syndrome and certain college majors align with these particular paths. 

If you have Asperger’s, choosing to major in something like computer science or any IT field is a great idea because the work that comes with a career in technology is largely left to your own devices and ingenuity. 

The same can be said for majoring in something like accounting or any mathematics-related field. 

If you are more artistic-minded, majoring in a field like photography is a great way to utilize your artistic abilities in a field that will not aggravate your symptoms. 

Additionally, majoring in something like animal or wildlife science is a great choice as this would allow you to avoid overwhelming social dynamics and still dedicate yourself to a passionate field. 

Like autism, mathematics is also a great choice of major since the nature of the work involved is largely independent and detailed. 

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Best College Majors For ESTP

The ESTP personality is intense, incredibly charismatic, thrill-seeking, and overflowing with dynamic energy that makes them the subject of intense focus and fascination by other people. If you have the ESTP personality type, the best college majors to consider include drama or theatre arts, fashion design, public relations, communications, broadcasting, advertising or marketing, and law. 

Best College Majors For ESTJ

The ESTJ personality type is a bit of an old soul. Traditionalism, pragmatism, and organization are the primary personality traits of this personality type. In college, this can open up a wide range of major choices, including any field of education, business management, criminal justice, political science, and anything to do with data analysis or even something as complex as computer programming. 

Best College Majors For ESFJ

The ESFJ personality type is known as a provider, which means that they are dedicated to helping others but also possess large amounts of mental and creative energy that they channel through other people. In terms of college majors, education is certainly the most popular major choice for the ESFJ personality type. Majoring in healthcare or counseling and social work is also a great choice for this type.  

Best College Majors For ISTJ

The ISTJ personality type is highly aligned with being rational, introverted, chameleonic, and methodical. This opens up many possibilities when it comes to a college major, and popular choices include business, political science, mathematics, and anything that aligns strongly with logical reasoning, such as criminal justice, law enforcement, or the military such as an ROTC program. 

Best College Majors For ISTP

The ISTP personality type has a knack for exploration and may find that their interests are always evolving. This can be a bit hard when it comes to a college major, therefore, an ISTP personality is a good fit for an interdisciplinary program that allows them to largely build their own customized major to keep their perspectives fresh and invigorating. 

Best College Majors For ISFJ

The ISFJ personality is known for its efficiency and high prioritization of personal responsibility comes in handy in practically any career in the workforce. People with this personality type should choose a college major that favors altruism and compassion in terms of service and commitment. The best college majors for ISFJ include education, psychology, social work, conservation, human resources, and criminal justice. 

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Best College Majors For ISFP

The ISFP personality is sometimes nicknamed the Adventurer, and this is because ISFP’s crave new experiences and creative control, and blossoming. Good college majors for the ISFP type include practically any major situated within the arts or humanities. English, history, art history, cultural studies, and education are all great major choices. 

Best College Majors For INTJ

The INTJ personality type is tailor-made for all the introverted artists in the world. The INTJ type excels at creative occupations but also likes the structure and innovation that can be granted through college majors such as architecture, education, and practically any major choice with the department of science. 

Best College Majors For INTP

One of the rarest and most mysterious of all personality types, the INTP is known for its vivid imagination, strong independent streak, and prioritization of logic and exploration above any set standard or protocol in any field. Good college majors for an INTP can include anything from creative writing or philosophy all the way to complex topics such as physics, engineering, or astronomy. 

Best College Majors For INFJ

The INFJ personality type is idealistic, passionate, and highly imaginative. When it comes to selecting a college major, an INFJ type could choose anything as artistic as creative writing or illustration all the way to psychology or philosophy. An INFJ will typically steer towards the humanities, therefore, it is important to find what field in the arts and humanities that interests you the most. 

Best College Majors For INFP

The INFP personality type is natural storytellers since they possess such vivid and strikingly original imaginations. The best college major for this rare personality type is also situated within the arts, with creative writing or any major in the field of fine arts likely being a perfect fit for an INFP personality.

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Best College Majors For Your Zodiac Sign

For some, Astrology is a reliable tool to understand personality types and a person’s overall demeanor, while others do not read anything into the field. 

Regardless of where you stand on the subject, there is something fascinating in the way that each sun sign establishes an entire personality profile for those born within it. For the sake of fun, let’s take a look at each zodiac sign and determine the best college majors for each sign based on the personality traits assigned to each sign. 

Best College Majors For Taurus

The personality traits generally ascribed to a Taurus are intelligence, independence, dedication, and stability. This can be found in a wide range of professions, and it can be said that Taurans would make excellent managers, corporate managers, architects, and any position of leadership including politics. 

Good major options include business (any field), political science, architecture, sports management, and public relations. 

Best College Majors For Leos

Much like Taurus, Leos are also well-known for their excellent leadership abilities as well as their natural inclination to assume the spotlight in all situations. 

This means that a career for a Leo is best-suited to any field that allows their strong leadership and natural charisma to shine through. 

The best college majors for a Leo are any degree in business that focuses on leadership and management, advertising and marketing, political science, and any degree in the performance arts, music, dance, or even acting. 

Best College Majors For Pisces

Pisces has a reputation for being the most intuitive and naturally charismatic sign in the zodiac. Popular career fields for Pisces include anything in the field of psychology, educators, the visual arts due to their keen visual insights, photography, fashion, film, or even counseling. 

The best major options include anything in the visual arts, psychology, education, sociology, and mental health counseling. 

Best College Majors For Virgos

Virgos are elusive and dynamic personalities with keen organizational and practical skills. You can find Virgos in practically every field since they are so multidimensional and detail-oriented. 

The best college majors for a Virgo include anything related to criminal justice and law since this field is all about memorization and applying and interpreting laws based on evidence, engineering, and any studies that align with finances.

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Best College Majors For Aries

An Aries man or woman is known for their fearless streak in practically any situation in life as well as their knack for innovation, compassion, and dynamic energy levels. 

When it comes to college majors, Aries should choose anything that allows them to innovate and solve complex problems. This includes biology, medicine, healthcare, engineering, marketing, or business management. 

Aries is also creative, therefore anything in the fields of arts and humanities would also be a good choice for an Aries. 

Best College Majors For Aquarius

Aquarians are known for their inquisitive nature and rational pragmatism in practically every walk of life. This is one zodiac sign that doesn’t suffer fools or erroneous details easily, which is why professions that are both serious and cut right to the point are great choices for an Aquarius. 

The best college majors for an Aquarius are anything that involves helping people to better themselves; social work, psychology, or even public relations are all good choices. 

For the more informative and inquisitive-minded Aquarians, journalism, communications, or the media arts are also great choices because these fields allow a great deal of investigation and interpretation. 

Best College Majors For Geminis

Geminis are charismatic and multifaceted people. The sign of duopoly reflects these traits and this zodiac sign excels in a wide range of professions including psychology, foreign relations, and public relations. 

The best college majors for a Gemini include psychology, communications, broadcasting, journalism, international studies, advertising, and even foreign languages. 

Best College Majors For Sagittarius 

Sagittarians are passionate, dynamic, strong, and bold personalities which means that this zodiac sign is great at virtually any profession that is designed for extroverts. 

Sagittarius is known for achieving practically anything they set their mind on, which means a college major should reflect bold ambition and charisma more than anything else. 

The best college majors for Sagittarius include communications, journalism, fashion design, drama or theatre, medicine, psychology, and marketing. 

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Best College Majors For Libras

Libras are some of the most composed and well-balanced individuals in the zodiac. A Libra likes to find both positives and negatives in every facet of life and seeks to build a harmonious equilibrium between two extremes. 

For college major choices, this means that any field that compares and contrasts or mediates is a good choice. 

The best college majors for a Libra include cross-cultural studies, counseling or psychology, family law, business management that specializes in conflict resolution, or international relations and studies. 

Best College Majors For Cancer

Cancers are one of the most creative and artistic-minded sun signs in the zodiac. Any degree in the arts or humanities will usually suit Cancer well. Additionally, Cancerians are also good at critical thinking and do well in business fields once they overcome their initial shyness. 

Good major options for Cancer are art history, English, history, literary theory, visual arts, or business management. 

Best College Majors For Capricorns

Capricorns possess a strong work ethic in addition to systemic balance, professionalism, and analytical reasoning behind their strong suits and primary personality traits. 

The best college majors for a Capricorn include anything in the business field, law, medicine, journalism, and even philosophy since this includes a great deal of analysis. 

Best College Majors For Scorpios

Scorpios are fiercely passionate and charismatic individuals. When it comes to the career world, these traits are also multidimensional in how Scorpios can succeed at practically anything. 

The best college majors for a Scorpio include economics, psychology, drama or theatre arts, creative writing, and even complex subjects like physics and chemistry.